ELECTRO SYSTEM DEVICES is one of the leading Power Distribution Solution Providers.

It has always led the industry by adopting futuristic technologies, best available raw materials and global manufacturing processes that would ensure zero-defect quality, safety and reliability.

The Organisation is set to charter ambitious growth path, especially after manufacturing facility being renovated in 2020, New Delhi.

It is also engaged in constantly improving upon the process so as to give a high-quality product.


System Standards



Product standards


60439 and CPRI Approved

Manufacturing facility with a total area of 27,000 Sq. Ft. that is located in an approved industrial area with SSI Registration.

SOLUTIONS BY INDUSTRYDesigning, manufacturing, installation and support of all kinds of LT Electrical Control Panels

Electro System Devices has developed a product range that caters to ever growing and complex requirement of utility control.

Power – LOGIC

Built around powerful PLC’s, GCU (Generator Control Unit) and controls DG/Electricity Board Power.

Key Features

  • Automatic On/Off power sources
  • Synchronisation of power sources
  • Load – Sharing among power sources
  • MIS Data for maintenance/power plannin
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Power – STAR

Custom built CPC’s, MCA’s and Distribution Boards to protect expensive plant and machinery against electrical hazards

Key Feature

  • Designed for safety and protection
  • Proper insulations
  • Reliable Switchgear & control devices
  • Conform to IS/BS Standards
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Enables to keep the power – factor under control that is an essential requirement of all the electricity boards.

Key Features

  • Automatic control of POWER FACTOR though micro – processor based relay
  • Designed to optimise the use of all the capacitors uniformly
  • Proper ventilation for capacitor chamber
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Power – SCOPE

Build around PLC’s to provide crucial information on power consumption patterns in different segments of the total plant.

Key Features

  • Optimizes power consumption
  • Customized panels for phase reversal system
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Highly efficient Bus Duct, Rising Mains, which are optimum for both indoor and outdoor construction with an IP 42/55 degree of protection which are offered in aluminium and copper that are manufactured as per global standards. Quality – Tested, Low Maintenance, Long Operational Life, Non -Segregated / Segregated / Isolated Phase, Cross – over Chamber and Cost Effective.

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Premium Quality Outdoor Feeder Pillars (suitable for different non-industry and industrial applications) and three-phase AC system High Performance, Robustness and Absolute Safety having state of the art infrastructure, the manufacturing procedure are under careful supervision and in a controlled environment.

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PRODUCTSQuality products for highest equipment and user safety to meet your energy needs

Electro System Devices has developed a product range that caters to ever growing and complex requirement of utility control.

ABOUT USInnovation, creativity and quality since 40 years

ELECTRO SYSTEM DEVICES since 1985 is one of the leading Power Distribution Solution Providers for Low Voltage Switchgear Assemblies. The central theme of our business is to win customer confidence by providing quality products and providing the highest levels of safety while managing electricity.